Has it really been over a year? Wow.

Hello!  Long time no write.

I started this blog to chart my attempts to get all organised in 2017. Oh, the plans I had!  The dreams I dreamed!  It was all going to be utterly AWESOME! 


Didn’t happen.


I was gonna Anna Paquin the HELL out of 2017! It was my year!  I was ready! Yep!  Nothing could stop me!



I may have eaten a little bit too much chocolate over the Christmas holidays.  I was probably asking for trouble.

It wasn’t long before things got a bit tough.

The Hubster found himself out of work for three months.  We survived on my wage as a full-time Teaching Assistant and the last of our savings.  And our overdraft.

Work got hard for me.  I was working at least as many hours at home, unpaid, as I did at school.   I simply couldn’t do my job to my satisfaction within my paid hours.  And I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I didn’t take the advice of EVERYBODY:  “You’re a TA, not a teacher, ease up on yourself.”

My 25-hour working week turned into a 50-hour one.


(is there ever any reason NOT to add a Dean Winchester meme in?)


Bujo-ing, blogging, organising came to a standstill.


After breaking down several times in the Deputy Head’s office, I had to reduce my hours.  By the time we crashed, exhausted, into the summer holidays, I knew I couldn’t carry on doing the afternoon work I was doing.  I was heading down the black hole of frequent and debilitating anxiety attacks.


So in September, I went back to mornings only, and rediscovered my love for the job!  Yes, I still do additional unpaid hours, but nothing compared to what I was doing before. I also started working with an amazing coach, but I’ll get to that another time.  (She’s incredible.  I think she may have saved my life.  She certainly saved my sanity, whatever’s left of it.)

So I find myself with a little more time, a lot more energy, and a desire to get writing about my life in this kitchen… (even my computer is out here now!)  Who knows, I may even get properly organised!


(stop laughing!)

Hang around, maybe?