Discovering crochet – and getting obsessed with it!

Earlier this year I managed to catch ‘flu.  Proper, horrible, aching-joints, high temperature, no appetite, can’t stand upright ‘flu.  Ugh.  I took an ENTIRE week off work poorly (I’ve never done that!) but by the Friday afternoon I had serious cabin fever and insisted The Hubster took me to The Works in town for a mooch around.

I resisted buying large amounts of craft stuff I’ll probably never use, any more pretty notepads or post-it notes, and moved on to the books.  I’d been rather enviously looking at several versions of The Woodland Blanket designed by the gorgeously talented Lucy from Attic24 on Instagram in January, and I mentioned this to The Hubster as I picked up a Dorling Kindersley book entitled ‘A little course in… Crochet’.  I remarked that I couldn’t crochet to save my life, having tried several times as a kid to learn.

“Go on, buy it.  It’s only three quid,” replied Himself, who was jolly tired of standing in The Works and wanted to get home for a cuppa and a battle on Clash of Clans.

So I did.

And when I got home, I dug out a tiny kit containing a plastic crochet hook and three small balls of wool that had been attached to a magazine I’d bought eleventy-thousand years ago and never threw out, even though I couldn’t make head nor tail of the instructions.

I retired to the sofa and started carefully reading, fiddling with wool and hook, and with a bit of practice (and some highly inappropriate swearing), began to crochet.

I was (pardon the pun) HOOKED.

I did this.IMAG0794

And this.IMAG0796

And this.

And then I made a granny square, which took two hours.  TWO. WHOLE. HOURS.Fotor_152140392372083

And then I ran out of wool.

But lo, this is the age of INTERNET SHOPPING, and more specifically, AMAZON PRIME.  I ordered a set of different sized metal crochet hooks (pretty colours!  A different colour for each size!) and a bag of ten different colours of 25g acrylic yarn.

So more granny squares in lots of colours!


That was eight weeks ago.  Since then, I’ve been given A LOT of leftover wool from an old neighbour and a friend’s daughter.  I’ve also ordered from LoveCrochet, who put an adorable little sweet in the delivery and it all came in beautiful organza bags.

I’ve been reading the Attic 24 blog like it’s a novel RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING (I’m still somewhere in Autumn 2013), followed some amazingly talented people on Instagram and given up playing Candy Crush, Zombie Castaway and Gardenscapes on my Kindle.  I have crocheted, and crocheted, and crocheted.

I have kinda let the housework slide a tad.

Because crochet is more FUN, infinitely relaxing and YOU GET REAL STUFF YOU ACTUALLY MADE AT THE END OF IT.  This is IMPORTANT.  This means it is like GARDENING and GROWING things.  It is like BAKING.  It also means I’m officially old and GRANDMOTHERLY, according to my darling Witchlet Number 2.

I don’t care.  I’m loving it.

It’s all the ‘flu’s fault.



Author: Sharon Grimshaw

I'm absolutely obsessed with making learning fun for Key Stage Two kids of all abilities, and letting you, as parents and carers, understand what, how and why the Key Stage Two curriculum is taught in schools today! I'm also a private tutor teaching maths, literacy, speciality dyslexia intervention, SPaG, reading comprehension and handwriting in and around the Castleford area of West Yorkshire!

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