Has it really been over a year? Wow.

Hello!  Long time no write.

I started this blog to chart my attempts to get all organised in 2017. Oh, the plans I had!  The dreams I dreamed!  It was all going to be utterly AWESOME! 


Didn’t happen.


I was gonna Anna Paquin the HELL out of 2017! It was my year!  I was ready! Yep!  Nothing could stop me!



I may have eaten a little bit too much chocolate over the Christmas holidays.  I was probably asking for trouble.

It wasn’t long before things got a bit tough.

The Hubster found himself out of work for three months.  We survived on my wage as a full-time Teaching Assistant and the last of our savings.  And our overdraft.

Work got hard for me.  I was working at least as many hours at home, unpaid, as I did at school.   I simply couldn’t do my job to my satisfaction within my paid hours.  And I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I didn’t take the advice of EVERYBODY:  “You’re a TA, not a teacher, ease up on yourself.”

My 25-hour working week turned into a 50-hour one.


(is there ever any reason NOT to add a Dean Winchester meme in?)


Bujo-ing, blogging, organising came to a standstill.


After breaking down several times in the Deputy Head’s office, I had to reduce my hours.  By the time we crashed, exhausted, into the summer holidays, I knew I couldn’t carry on doing the afternoon work I was doing.  I was heading down the black hole of frequent and debilitating anxiety attacks.


So in September, I went back to mornings only, and rediscovered my love for the job!  Yes, I still do additional unpaid hours, but nothing compared to what I was doing before. I also started working with an amazing coach, but I’ll get to that another time.  (She’s incredible.  I think she may have saved my life.  She certainly saved my sanity, whatever’s left of it.)

So I find myself with a little more time, a lot more energy, and a desire to get writing about my life in this kitchen… (even my computer is out here now!)  Who knows, I may even get properly organised!


(stop laughing!)

Hang around, maybe?



Author: Sharon Grimshaw

I'm absolutely obsessed with making learning fun for Key Stage Two kids of all abilities, and letting you, as parents and carers, understand what, how and why the Key Stage Two curriculum is taught in schools today! I'm also a private tutor teaching maths, literacy, speciality dyslexia intervention, SPaG, reading comprehension and handwriting in and around the Castleford area of West Yorkshire!

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