Has it really been over a year? Wow.

Hello!  Long time no write.

I started this blog to chart my attempts to get all organised in 2017. Oh, the plans I had!  The dreams I dreamed!  It was all going to be utterly AWESOME! 


Didn’t happen.


I was gonna Anna Paquin the HELL out of 2017! It was my year!  I was ready! Yep!  Nothing could stop me!



I may have eaten a little bit too much chocolate over the Christmas holidays.  I was probably asking for trouble.

It wasn’t long before things got a bit tough.

The Hubster found himself out of work for three months.  We survived on my wage as a full-time Teaching Assistant and the last of our savings.  And our overdraft.

Work got hard for me.  I was working at least as many hours at home, unpaid, as I did at school.   I simply couldn’t do my job to my satisfaction within my paid hours.  And I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I didn’t take the advice of EVERYBODY:  “You’re a TA, not a teacher, ease up on yourself.”

My 25-hour working week turned into a 50-hour one.


(is there ever any reason NOT to add a Dean Winchester meme in?)


Bujo-ing, blogging, organising came to a standstill.


After breaking down several times in the Deputy Head’s office, I had to reduce my hours.  By the time we crashed, exhausted, into the summer holidays, I knew I couldn’t carry on doing the afternoon work I was doing.  I was heading down the black hole of frequent and debilitating anxiety attacks.


So in September, I went back to mornings only, and rediscovered my love for the job!  Yes, I still do additional unpaid hours, but nothing compared to what I was doing before. I also started working with an amazing coach, but I’ll get to that another time.  (She’s incredible.  I think she may have saved my life.  She certainly saved my sanity, whatever’s left of it.)

So I find myself with a little more time, a lot more energy, and a desire to get writing about my life in this kitchen… (even my computer is out here now!)  Who knows, I may even get properly organised!


(stop laughing!)

Hang around, maybe?



Organisation! My new middle name! (Stop laughing.)

Ahhh… I love the peaceful days between Christmas Day and the New Year. For me, it’s the time the New Year really begins – with rest, multiple cups of tea and PLANNING. This year, (I say to myself every year) I’m really going to get my shit together. I’m going to be ORGANISED.

I’m going to glide through this coming year with grace, a smile on my face and I am going to achieve ALL OF THE THINGS.  The witchlets will be happy.  The house will be clean and tidy.  The Hubster will be in awe of his organised, beautiful wife.


(Jewel Staite.  The reason The Hubster has watched Firefly countless times…)

But I end up sliding exhausted into an anxious, overwrought heap in the middle of the lounge floor at 2 am Christmas morning, with greasy hair, at least half a dozen presents to finish wrapping and wailing (quietly, because my DARLING children, who can sleep through an earthquake, choose this night of the year to wake to the sound of a mouse farting) “I HATE MY LIFE!”

I don’t (of course) hate my life.  Actually, I have a comparatively brilliant life.  But in those exhausted last few moments of a year that ALWAYS sees me descending into disarray, frustration and panic, I really do.  I look at my snoozing cat and vow to return as a feline.


Or a man.

Now I have read my fair share of self-help books.  I scour Pinterest on a daily basis for life hacks and WAYS TO GET MY SHIT TOGETHER.  And one thing that seems to come up time and time again is ACCOUNTABILITY.

Hal Elrod summed it up well in The Miracle Morning:

“Accountability is the act of being responsible to someone else for some action or result.”

Yup.  If someone is relying on me to do something, I get it done.  The witchlets need to eat, so I cook every day.  Everyone in the house needs clean clothes – the washing gets done.  No biggie.  I do this without any issue.  You won’t find me curled up on the sofa hiding in yet another adventure down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest when it’s tea time, or the washing basket is full.  THAT SHIT GETS DONE, DAMMIT.

So I need some accountability in every other damn area of my life.  So here we are.  A new year, a brand spanking new blog.  Of course, there are several million blogs out there doing just the same as me – I know, I read many of them! – so I am under no illusions that there is any body ACTUALLY reading this, but I’m hoping –



that writing this blog will give me some accountability.

Now, what I SHOULD be doing is finding a REAL, LIVE, HUMAN BEING to be accountable to.  If you read ALL ABOUT MOI here you will probably understand why I can’t do that.  Well, not yet.

(That’s something else I’m trying to do.  Add the phrase “Yet,” on to the end of every “I can’t do it,” I utter.)

So, here we go.  Welcome 2017, I’m coming to getcha!