The Beast from the East! Or how we got a five-day weekend…

I’m sat on the sofa feeling rather warm.  (No, not a menopausal hot flush!)  It has been a balmy FIVE DEGREES CELSIUS today!


Before you shake your head and consider me a total nutcase, we have survived five days in the grip of what our wonderful UK media called “The Beast from the East” and Storm Emma.  It has been COLD.  Minus six with a wind chill of minus eleven.  This called for fleece-lined thermal leggings under my jeans.  And that was inside.

The Witchlets were delighted when we reached Witchlet Two’s breakfast club at school last Wednesday to be greeted with the news that the school would be closed for the day.  I was even more delighted when I got a text from MY school – closed as well.

We dashed home, got changed out of uniform and work clothes, and went out for a walk.  And a snowball fight.


We walked all the way to the park, throwing snowballs and kicking through the soft, fluffy, completely unspoilt snow.

I realised the wind was starting to pick up – and we would be walking into it on the way home.  Joy!

Both sprogs decided that it was too cold to walk with their eyes open, so I ended up with a child attached to each of my arms, clutching on as if their lives depended on it.  Which they probably were, considering we had to cross two roads on the way back!

Day 2 of Snowpocalypse was less outdoors-y.  We walked to the shop, but the compacted snow on the pavement was very slippery, and all of us fell over at least once.


Witchlet One retired to his bedroom on our return, logged onto whatever latest game he is coding and emerged only for food.  Witchlet two joined me in creative endeavours (me crocheting, her drawing anime figures) at the dining room table.  We chatted, told jokes, ate (gluten-free) cookies and drank tea.


Snow Day 3 dawned and when I stepped onto the drive to go out to see what the pavements were like I slipped and slid down the slight incline of our driveway.  Bit icy, then.  Another day indoors

Being off school created lots of unexpected free time.

I crocheted.


I baked.


I made stew.


And pancakes.


I (gasp) tidied, cleaned, mopped and filled three bin bags with rubbish.  Which is still cluttering up my hallway EVEN NOW because it is The Hubster’s Job to Go To The Recycling Centre and he does things In His Own Time.  *sigh*

Today was back to normal – the snow has all but melted and the schools were open.  I took a small detour on the walk to work to wander through our local park.  It was soft and silent in the mist, away from the busy road.

Goodbye snow.  Can we have Spring now?



Author: Sharon Grimshaw

I'm absolutely obsessed with making learning fun for Key Stage Two kids of all abilities, and letting you, as parents and carers, understand what, how and why the Key Stage Two curriculum is taught in schools today! I'm also a private tutor teaching maths, literacy, speciality dyslexia intervention, SPaG, reading comprehension and handwriting in and around the Castleford area of West Yorkshire!

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