More Organising – Jumping on the Bullet Journal Bandwagon…

I am an inveterate LIST MAKER.  I make to-do lists to organise my to-do lists.  They are on backs of envelopes, on post-its, in spiral notebooks, hell, even on the back of my hand.  I have been looking for a better way to do these things FOR A VERY LONG TIME.  Honestly.  It’s on several of my to-do lists.  And then I discovered BULLET JOURNALS.



Are you BuJo-ing? It’s the in thing, you know.  Just go Google Bullet Journal.  Go on.  I’ll wait.  Unless you decide to stick Bullet Journal in the Pinterest search bar, in which case you will disappear down a rabbit hole and not be seen for three days, and I will have got bored and wandered off (seriously, if they ever make Pinterest 3D and totally immersive, there will be DEATHS as people forget to eat and drink.  I mean it.  When it happens, you heard it here FIRST.)

So, for the few of you who are going “Eh? What the heck is a Bullet Journal?” (Hi Mum!) there is a fabulous site by the original Bullet Journal creator here, which will walk you through the basics.  And a great YouTube video here.  Simple, huh?  Yup.

Well, there’s some amazing Bullet Journal people out there.  With some crazy talents.  And a hell of a lot of time on their hands, because it takes TIME to make stuff look so beautiful.  They really can’t have children, or jobs, or cats, or husbands, or wives, because that stuff must take ALL DAY.  It’s beautiful.  It’s bloody ART, dammit.  In fifty years, some of this stuff will be WORTH A FORTUNE.

One of my personal favourites is Boho Berry.  Kara is amazing.  She has the sort of website I could only dream of creating, and the artistic Bullet Journalling ability that makes me green with envy.  I don’t know how she does it.  If you don’t hate her already because she’s so damn good at it, look at this page of hers, telling you her top twelve Bullet Journal tips.  Yeah, I hate her too.

But anyway, back to me.  Because while I may not have the talent of the Amazing Bullet Journallers, I am at least giving it a go.  And I’m doing it on a budget, because new house/TAs don’t get paid much/kids gotta eat/did I mention TAs are paid sod all?

So I found an old journal with plain pages (yes, it would be lovely to have those dots or squares in PROPER BULLET JOURNALS, but I can’t justify dropping £15 plus on a gorgeous Moleskine or Leuchtterm) and HAD A GO.  So this is my Bullet Journal.  I’m not sure how useful having the weather on it will be, or even tracking my reading habits, and I’m not sure how much better than my old back-of-an-envelope-to-do lists it will be at keeping me organised, but hey-ho – it’s another attempt to get ORGANISED.  I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t organise EVERY DAY in this way, but I’m going to do the best I can.  So, I’ll check in with a BuJo post every month to show you what I’m doing with it, what I’ve discarded, and how it looks.  Don’t expect works of art.  I have too much to do to make it look pretty.


For those who like to know the details:

Plain hardbacked journal found several years ago in The Works outlet at Junction 32, Castleford

Pens are Scribblicious Rollerball pens, also from The Works (and CHEAP!! CHEAP, I tell you, CHEAP is GOOD in this house!)

So, do you BuJo?  What do you put in yours?  Show me pictures!  Make me hate you!


Cover image found here…


Author: Sharon Grimshaw

I'm absolutely obsessed with making learning fun for Key Stage Two kids of all abilities, and letting you, as parents and carers, understand what, how and why the Key Stage Two curriculum is taught in schools today! I'm also a private tutor teaching maths, literacy, speciality dyslexia intervention, SPaG, reading comprehension and handwriting in and around the Castleford area of West Yorkshire!

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